If you own an older home and need to replace your switchboard, contact us and we can get the job done well for you. Your switchboard is there to protect you, your family and your appliances from the dangers electricity can cause. So having your switchboard well set up should be a priority at any home.

Some occurrences that suggest you may need a new switchboard are frequent tripping of switches or flickering lights.

Many older style switchboards do not have circuit breakers and they were not designed to deal with the modern power load of today’s appliances. Think of the appliances in a home twenty years ago, and it is a lot different now.

A quick inspection of your fuse box or switchboard will be all it takes to see if you need an upgrade. We can check your wiring, your fuses and the circuits throughout your home are safe or not. Then if necessary we can update it for you.

Depending on the switchboard, this can be done in a few hours and not cause too much disruption to your home life. We are also large enough to be flexible with our time to make the upgrade at a time that suits you.

So if you are getting frustrated with overloaded circuits tripping switches, or if you are adding more load to your switchboard during a renovation (a perfect time to upgrade), then contact us at RSquared today. We only use quality parts to keep you safe and can provide the best advice and service you are looking for. Call 1800 153 104 today.