If you live in an older home, there are a number of reasons to consider rewiring. It may be that you have too many appliances to fit your existing electrical circuits, there may be safety concerns or you might be renovating or extending. Whatever is your reason to rewire your home, it is best done by experienced electricians who can help you get the safest, most user friendly outcome.

We can conduct a thorough inspection before we begin to assess the current electrical situation in your home and advice on how we can best improve it for you. Depending on your needs we will tailor a solution to best suit you now, and also allow for possible changes in your home in the future.

To provide added safety, and to keep up with the development of technology and household electrical needs, there are strict guidelines that exist, that may not have been around when your house was built. Some signs that a rewire would be advisable include

  • Appliances cutting out for no apparent reason
  • If you have black cables, it is a great sign of an outdated system
  • Old style fuse board such as porcelain fuses, especially if they are warm to touch
  • Unprotected wiring in the sub floor
  • No earthing points
  • Hanging cables
  • Outdoor wires that are not inside a conduit
  • Any damaged electrical sockets, wires or switches

While in most homes rewiring is not a simple procedure, this should not be a deterrent, as we will always have a solution for any problem such as difficult access or structural issues.

One of the advantages of rewiring include the opportunity to add new power points, install data cabling, shift TV outlets, move light switches to where you always thought they should be and so on.

Rewiring a home is not a small job, but if you contact RSquared, you can be sure we use the best components, work quickly and efficiently and will make your home a safer more enjoyable place to live.