As you probably know, technology is always changing and advancing and the home automation industry is no different. Our home automation electricians are experienced with a wide range of brands and components and can help integrate or install your smart home system to suit you.

Some of the more regular equipment we install includes home theatre equipment, audio visual gear, easy to use lighting and temperature controls, smart phone operated sound systems, welcome home lighting, remote access gates and doors, smart locks and more.

Basically, if you can think of it, we can make it work for you. Sound, lighting and access controls are becoming more user friendly all the time, and if you set them up well from the beginning, your will enjoy the ease of control they provide for years to come. We can even provide future proofing solutions so you can easily add new equipment down the track easily.

If you need the assistance of an experienced home automation electrician in Melbourne, then contact RSquared for a quote today.