If your commercial switchboard is becoming dated, or you need more power than your existing switchboard can handle, then contact RSquared an electrical supply upgrade. We can provide new commercial switchboards for offices, restaurants, warehouses, apartment buildings, shops and most other commercial properties.

Every switchboard is different and each business has its own set of unique power needs. So it is important to choose an experienced commercial electrician that can provide a trusted service to suit your needs. They can often contain a hundreds of connections, so you only want a master electrician who is confident in the commercial industry to work for you.

Our maintenance team can also provide ongoing support with technology such as thermal imaging to help prevent any issues such as overloads developing in the future.

The proactive approach we take to designing, installing or upgrading commercial switchboards has been enjoyed by many existing clients. So why not give a call and get a quote to improve the quality and safety of your power supply too.