RSquared Data and Electrical can provide efficient testing of your emergency and exit lights that comply with the latest Australian standards.

Emergency and Exit lights should be tested every six months to ensure that will all function correctly in the case of an emergency. We can complete this task for you as a once off or ongoing basis.

It is important that emergency and exit lighting can operate with the power supplied by an internal battery. They should continue to be illuminated for a minimum of ninety minutes in this way in case the regular power supply is disrupted due to fire, damage, blackout or another unforeseen incident.

One problem with entry and exit lights are that most operate on a standby mode. This also continually charges the internal battery, often twenty-four hours a day. This makes them prone to failure after time and that is why they must be tested routinely.

The most common types of emergency lighting brands include

  • Stanilite
  • Famco
  • Legrand
  • Clipsal

But we can service any brand that is in operation at your place of work. Along with testing, some of the procedures we often perform include

  • Replacing globes
  • Replacing fluorescent tubes
  • Replacing batteries
  • Replacing inverters
  • Discharge tests
  • Compliance log book updates

If you have exit or emergency lighting that you need to test, contact the friendly and reliable team at RSquared for an appointment today.